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26 January 2020 @ 12:03 am

Hi! Welcome to my LJ. As you can see, it's friends-locked. Don't trust my banner; I'll change it when I cba
 I appreciate you guys adding me but sometimes I don't know who you are at all, and thus I hesitate to add you back (especially when we've never exchanged replies before)! So yeah, comment and let me know who you are so I can add you back ♥

I understand that not everyone enjoys looking at dolls, so I have a separate group just for my BDJs. Let me know if you want to be added into the group ♥

I can be a little vulgar and curse sometimes, so be warned. But just sometimes :3
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So, about a month ago I was feeling completely shitty. Now I'm feeling much, much better <: It's all thanks to all the help I've received ♥ Also, I'm actually kind of exhausted right now (though I really don't know why... it's only 8-ish PM now) so excuse any incoherency.

Education stuff.Collapse )

Happier things in the form of a new PS3, a Gundam model kit, a sketchy sketch and a doll.Collapse )

And so, things are definitely looking better for me. Which is great, because the past few weeks have been pretty pathetic with me doing nothing but sleeping the whole day. I have two weeks left until school re-opens so I'm going to spend some time doing more drawing (hopefully) and reading up on my new subjects. I've enrolled in Descriptive Physical Oceanography, Introduction to Sedimentology, Marine Ecology and and Environmental Assesment and Invertebrate Biology for this semester. I'm looking forward to Sedimentology the most, and Invertebrate Biology as well but that's mostly because I love one of the lecturers.

Also also..... well, thanks again to all who helped me ♥ I appreciate it, truly :3

PS: I changed the layout. If you think you're seeing black smudges/specks on your screen, you're most likely not. It's my layout.

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08 February 2010 @ 12:22 am
So I ended up sleeping at 7 AM last night, ugh. I woke up at 12 and thought, "Let me just shut my eyes for another 5 seconds, ", which turned out to be 3 hours, lol. Despite that, today turned out to be quite productive. I folded the clothes and decided to fix Gertrude's godawfully tangled wig with fabric softener. The solution turned out milky blue and I considered diluting it more but finally decided to just chuck the wig in. I just want it nice and pretty again ):

Then I cleaned the bathroom because I got a new detergent! Huzzahh. Dad threw away my usual brush so I couldn't clean all that well ;_; It was the bestest brush ever. The whole time I was cleaning, my brother was in his room. Makes me wonder whether he ever feels guilty that I am the one that always cleans the bathroom and folds his damn clothes. Probably not. I'm so sick of asking him to help keep the house clean but he doesn't care. He's not capable of taking care of himself at all. He doesn't even understand the simple basic concept of hygiene or cleanliness. Sometimes I wonder why he can't use his brain a little. Or maybe he doesn't actually have a brain. SIGH. Maybe if I knock his head with my bottle, it'll stimulate his brain but I doubt that will work because... you know what? I actually think he really doesn't have a brain. Well, whatever. Point is, I cleaned the bathroom. Now it feels good to enter that place ;_; I even used the whole bottle of detergent, lol. Good thing I bought two bottles <_< There were a few spiders in there but I got rid of them. I don't even know why they want to live in that awful, disgusting place ): Stupid arachnids.

So after a good hard work, I came out and realised that Gertrude's wig was still soaking in that blue solution. So I decided to just fix it there and then. And it actually works. Now it's all soft and nice ♥ I even managed to get the curls back in place. I cut the ends a little to get rid of unpretty, frayed hair but I think it looks better. It's even a little shinier, and it brought out the pink in the wig. The best thing about this fabric softener is that it supposedly smells like sunrise. Which is... pretty....................... interesting. I had no idea sunrise even had a scent.

I went back to the bathroom after a few hours and as I was walking in I noticed something brown on the floor. It was a cockroach So a week ago, I actually saw another roach in the bathroom. I was so terrified I don't think I've ever bath so fast in my life. So... this damned brown thing is probably the same as the one I saw previously. I looked around for a weapon and noticed my Academic English book. Perfect. ...Or not. I panicked and just stood there for a while. Then I grabbed the basin I used earlier and tried to cover it but I was too late - it went under the shelf. Ughhhh. I was about to take the roach killing spray but then I grabbed it, looked at it, noticed a spider on it.... and dropped the can. Oh Ye Gods, why must you beset me with trial after trial? OTL. I wasn't giving up, though. Well, you little brown fucker, I bet my bathroom is too clean for you now, hm? Hm!? So I opened my brother's room and had him get rid of it for me. But it got away. He asked me to call him again if it resurfaces but... ugh, if that thing is not killed tonight, I WILL NOT SLEEP.
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